PowerPoint Presentations

**Presentations listed chronologically, with most recent at the top. Presentations at recurring conferences listed at bottom.**

  • ​​5/13/19 - Northe​ast Regional ​Ocean Council Habitat Classification and Coastal Management Video Workshop







Senior Environmental Scientist Eliza Moore served on a panel at this workshop, presenting details of the NBC's benthic video monitoring program history, approach, and analysis methods.

NBC Benthic Video Monitoring​


  • 11/14/18 - The​ Greene School Visits NBC​


Environmental Scientist Molly Welsh gave a presentation and facilitated a discussion with students from The Greene School, who toured the Field's Point treatment facility.

Narragansett Bay Commission: Providing Wastewater Treatment, Improving Water Quality


  • 3/12/2018 - Developing habi​tat maps in New England with CMECS


Environmental Scientist Eliza Moore gave an invited talk about the benthic video monitoring program methods at this workshop hosted by the Northeast Regional Oceans Council Habitat Classification and Ocean Mapping subcommittee.

Benthic video surveys in the Providence River, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island


  • ​​12/6/2017 - 16th Annual Ronald C. ​Baird Sea Grant Science Symposium


Thomas Uva, NBC's Director of Environmental Science & Compliance, participated in the 2017 Baird Symposium, which focused on "Changes in Narragansett Bay: A Conversation among Citizens and Scientists." Mr. Uva spoke on a panel entitled "The Choices We Have Made."

Narragansett Bay: A Historical Perspective on our Changing Bay


  • ​​11/15/2016 - Comm​ercial Fisheries Center


NBC staff presented to members of the Commercial Fisheries Center of Rhode Island to discuss NBC WWTF operations and monitoring programs.

NBC Water Quality Improvements and Monitoring Efforts

NBC Upper Bay Sustainable Solutions Presentation

NBC POTW Operation

  • 9/14/2016 - EPA Webinar Series: Utility of the Future

Thomas Uva, Director of Planning, Policy, and Regulation, took part in a EPA sponsored webinar series called "Enabling the Water Resources Utility of the Future" Webinar Series. The presentation was entitled "Climate Change - It's Real! Deal with it Now!" and showcased NBC efforts to address climate change.

Climate Change - It's Real! Deal with it Now!

  • 8/5/2015 - NBC 2015 Workshop - Just Another Day on the Upper-Upper Bay:  Update on NBC’s Environmental Monitoring, Modeling, Construction Initiatives & Water Quality Results

The NBC sponsored a day-long workshop to provide an update on its latest environmental monitoring, modeling, construction initiatives, and water quality results, all centered around the health of upper Narragansett Bay.  Narragansett Bay’s stakeholders, scientists, and regulators attended this free workshop to discuss our future path toward achieving and surpassing water quality standards.  Thank you to all who attended and participated!

Evaluating the Success of Phase I the NBC’s CSO Abatement Program

2014 Reevaluation of Phase III of the CSO Program

Overview of NBC Energy & Climate Change Activities

WWTF Nitrogen Reductions & Water Quality Improvements

Snapshot of Upper Narragansett Bay: NBC Water Quality Initiatives

Thirty Years Later: Evaluation of Heavy Metals Contamination in Bivalves after Successful Load Reductions in Narragansett Bay

Narragansett Bay ROMS: Model-Data Comparisons of Currents & Hydrography

Results of Nutrient Tracking & Biological Modeling Using the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) for Upper Narragansett Bay (movies play best if opened in Adobe or saved locally to your computer)

2012 Chlorophyll Intrusion from Greenwich Bay to Ohio Ledge

Future Opportunities with ROMS

NBC Data on the Seekonk River Fish Kill

  • 7/13/2015 - National Association of Clean Water Agencies

Thomas Uva, NBC’s Director of Planning, Policy and Regulation, presented at NACWA's Utility Leadership Conference & 45th Anniversary Annual Meeting in Providence, RI.  Mr. Uva joined Senator Sheldon Whitehouse in speaking to the Climate and Resiliency Committee.  

Climate Change - It's Real! Deal with it now! 

  • 4/22/2014 - University of Rhode Island Marine Policy Presentation

Thomas Uva, NBC's Director of Planning, Policy and Regulation, presented information about the NBC's Combined Sewer Overflow Abatement Program, focusing on the water quality improvement realized from the completion of Phase I.






​​​Five Years and 5 Billion Gallons: Evaluating the Narragansett Bay Commission CSO Abatement Project    

  • 6/10/13 - NBC Meeting with the EPA

Various members of the EPA and RIDEM gathered to receive an update on the happenings at the NBC. Topics included progress on the NBC construction projects, receiving waters monitoring program, NBC/RIDEM sustainable solutions grant, as well as sustainability efforts NBC-wide and information on the “Utility of the Future.” 

Combined Sewer Overflow Project Update

Biological Nutrient Removal Project Update

NBC Receiving Water Monitoring Initiatives

Ecosystem Based Evaluations of Sustainable Solutions

NBC Sustainability Programs and Projects

"Utility of the Future" Report Summary 

  • ​11/14/2013 - 12th Annual Ronald C. Baird Sea Grant Science Symposium

Thomas Uva, NBC’s Director of Planning, Policy and Regulation, presented at the Baird Symposium, which is sponsored by Rhode Island Sea Grant.  Each year the topic of the conference changes and this year it was entitled “The Future of Shellfish in Rhode Island: Providing sustainable seafood, economic opportunities, and ecosystem benefits.”  Mr. Uva’s presentation is available below, as well as on the Rhode Island Sea Grant website at: http://seagrant.gso.uri.edu/baird/2013_shellfish/index.html

Upper Narragansett Bay Water Quality: Signs of the Past, Present Day Efforts & Future Opportunities



  • ​6/16/2011 - NBC 2011 Symposium - A Day on the Upper Bay:  Current Monitoring, Research, Source Reduction Progress & Future Challenges


With over one hundred people in attendance, the Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC) sponsored a day-long workshop, A Day on the Upper Bay: Current Monitoring, Research, Source Reduction Progress & Future Challenges, which was an outstanding success.  The event took place on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at Johnson & Wales University: Culinary Archives & Museum.  Stakeholders, scientists and regulators from throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts participated in the workshop to exchange the latest information and improvements in Upper Narragansett Bay and discuss the future path toward achieving and surpassing water quality standards.  The day began with opening remarks from the Regional Administer of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) New England office, Curt Spalding, followed by presentations from various academic institutions and agencies from throughout the Narragansett Bay Watershed.  To close the workshop, a panel of some of the foremost experts on Narragansett Bay discussed the mutual goal of improving water quality and restoring Narragansett Bay.  Listed below are links to the agenda of the symposium, as well as to the presentations that were given.  Thank you to all who attended and participated! 


Symposium Invite


NBC Monitoring Initiatives - Uva

NBC Construction Update - Albert & Brueckner

UBWPAD Update - Walsh

Evaluating the NBC CSO Abatement Project - Comeau

Extreme Wet Weather Monitoring - Oliver

Nutrient Monitoring in the Upper Bay - Reitsma

Blackstone River HSPF Water Quality Model - Rees

Evolution of Hydrodynamic Modeling Tools for Managing NB - Kincaid

Assessment of NB waters using FSWQMN and CHRP Update - Stoffel & Codiga

Synthesis Areal Extent of Hypoxia in NB - Prell

Monitoring of Macroalgea in NB - Deacutis

Influence of Water Column Metabolism on Hypoxia in NB - Smith

Gradients and Dispersal Patterns of Org Matter & Metals in NB seds - Murray

Impact of Loading Reductions on Standing Stocks of Nutrients in NB - Krumholz





  • ​​New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA)


The New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) holds an annual conference to bring together top knowledge and technology related to the wastewater field.  The NBC has been honored to have been selected to present on our WWTF and monitoring program findings the past several years. 

2014 - Thirty Years Later: Evaluation of Heavy Metals Contamination in Bivalves After Successful Load Reduction in Narragansett Bay

2013 - Five Years and Five Billion Gallons

2013 - Five Years of Nutrient Monitoring in Upper Narragansett Bay

2012 - Enteroccocus Sampling in Anticpation of New Permit Limits - Challenges and Outcomes

2011 - Extreme Weather Monitoring in Narragansett Bay

2010 - An Evaluation of Nitrogen Loading into Upper Narragansett Bay

  • Blackstone River Users Conference

Over recent years, the NBC has been invited to present at the Blackstone River Users Conference, a gathering of concerned groups which have a key interest in the Blackstone River. In these presentations, the NBC has given updates on monitoring programs specific to the Blackstone River and about NBC WWTFs projects in general.

2012 - Blackstone River Users Conference  ​

2011 - Blacsktone River Users Conference

2010 - Blackstone River Users Conference

  • ​​​Environmental Business Council

​11/4/2015 - Pamela Reitsma and Christine Comeau, NBC's Environmental Scientists, presented at the Rhode Island chapter of the Environmental Business Council’s meeting, entitled “The Critical Importance of Stormwater Management in Rhode Island.” The presentation is available below, as well as on the Environmental Business Council of New England’s website:  http://ebcne.org/news/category/presentations/

Narragansett Bay Commission: Stormwater Mitigation, CSO Abatement & Water Quality Monitoring Program

11/21/2014 - Thomas Uva, NBC’s Director of Planning, Policy and Regulation, presented at the Rhode Island chapter of the Environmental Business Council’s meeting, entitled “Update on Narragansett Bay Water Quality.” Mr. Uva’s presentation is available below, as well as on the Environmental Business Council of New England’s website:  http://ebcne.org/news/category/presentations/ 

Narragansett Bay Commission Construction & Upper Narragansett Bay Water Quality Update  

  • ​New England Estuarine Research Society (NEERS)

4/27/2018 - Environmental Scientist Eliza Moore gave a 5-minute Ignite! presentation about the benthic video monitoring initiative at the meeting held in Portsmouth, NH. 

​​Benthic video monitoring in the Providence River Estuary - What do we see?

4/28/2018 - Environmental Scientist Christine Comeau presented results of trend analyses of NBC fixed site data from 2004 through 2017 at the meeting held in Portsmouth, NH.

Long term trends in water quality

10/21/2016 - NBC Environmental Scientists presented two talks at the NEERS fall meeting on Block Island to discuss the NBC nutrients and bay pathogen monitoring programs and results. 

Receiving Waters Monitoring Following WWTF Upgrades to Reduce Nitrogen Loading

Evaluation of Bay Bacteria After Phase I and Phase II of the Narragansett Bay Commission's CSO Abatement Project

10/13/2013 - NBC staff was asked to present at the first annual Ignite Session of the NEERS 2012 Annual conference.  During this specialty session, speakers had to prepare a presentation of 20 slides whic​h would be automatically advanced every 15 seconds.  The culmination of this session was 5 presentations in 50 minutes, each speaker with 5 minutes to present and 5 minutes for questions. 

Achieving Water Quality Standards by Implementing Ecosystem Based Sustainable Solutions