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The NBC's  Phillipsdale Landing sondes were deployed for the 2024 season on April 2, 2024.  The Bullock Reach sondes were deployed on May 22, 2024. Data from the Bullock Reach sondes are not yet transmitting but will be as soon as possible.

​Please note: Fixed-site data are made available in near real-time direct from field-deployed instruments. They have not undergone quality control review. 

Bullock Reach

Last Updated: 11/14/23 9:15 AM
Sonde Location Surface Middle Bottom
Depth (m) 1.01 3.85 7.74
Temperature (°C) 10.45 12.08 12.51
Temperature (°F) 50.8 53.74 54.51
Salinity (ppt) 24.82 28.91 29.6
Dis. Oxygen (mg/L) 8.4 7.56 7.45
pH 7.82 7.83 7.82
Chlorophyll (µg/L) 0.87 0.99 1.06
Turbidity (NTUs) 0.41 0.66 -0.59


Last Updated: 7/17/24 2:16 PM
Sonde Location Surface Bottom
Depth (m) 0.63 2.17
Temperature (°C) 27.63 23.84
Temperature (°F) 81.73 74.91
Salinity (ppt) 11.64 21.97
Dis. Oxygen (mg/L) 6.2 1.05
pH (SU) 8 7.25
Chlorophyll (µg/L) 41.43 n/a


The Narragansett Bay Commission’s (NBC) Mission Statement is to maintain a leadership role in the protection of water quality in Narragansett Bay and its tributaries. The NBC keeps to this vow by continually monitoring water quality at its two buoy locations, collecting water quality casts, mapping surface water quality parameters, and taking samples of the Bay’s bacterial and nutrient levels.

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Summary of Water Quality in the Bay

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