Annual Data Reports

The Environmental Monitoring and Data Analysis (EMDA) section of the NBC is responsible for all industrial and sanitary manhole sampling activities as well as all compliance monitoring of both Bucklin Point and Field’s Point WWTFs.  In addition, EMDA is responsible for sample collection for the many environmental monitoring initiatives the NBC has implemented over the past several years, including river and bay Fecal coliform and Enterococci monitoring, river and bay nutrients monitoring, and several programs aimed at monitoring water quality in Narragansett Bay. EMDA is also responsible for analyzing the data associated with all these monitoring programs.


The NBC’s Environmental Monitoring and Data Analysis (EMDA) section prepares an all-inclusive annual data report documenting all of their monitoring activities for the year.  Each report details the EMDA section’s sampling activities and the sample results for the NBC’s award winning comprehensive receiving water monitoring program, but the report also describes the results from monitoring activities at each of the NBC facilities, Field’s Point and Bucklin Point.  Each year, as the report is completed, it is posted to the “Snapshot” website and made available for download.