Current Conditions

Please note: these data are made available in near real-time direct from field-deployed instruments. They have not undergone quality control review. Gaps in the data due to instrument problems may occur, and erroneous readings may be present.
Official data sets are reviewed and edited for quality control by the Narragansett Bay Fixed-Site Monitoring Network Quality Assurance Officer at the end of each monitoring season and are available on their website: Fixed-Site Monitoring Stations Network Data
For further questions regarding data quality or unusual readings, please contact us.

buoy data last updated on:

Buoy Locations

Parameter Surface Middle Bottom
Chlorophyll (µg/L)
pH (SU)
Salinity (ppt)
Turbidity (NTU)
Temperature (°F)
Temperature (°C)
Oxygen (mg/L)
Oxygen (%)
Depth (m)






Oxygen %

Oxygen mg/L

Good > 4.80 mg/L
Fair > 2.90 mg/L  –  ≤ 4.80 mg/L
Poor ≤ 2.90 mg/L